Charles Carson : Charles Carson has staked his claim to artistic posterity...

Christian SORRIANO, President of Drouot Cotation in Paris - Expert in Arts and Antiquities - Expert in public auctions - Expert and assessor with the Customs Commission - Expert with the International Union - Official government representative, by ministerial decree dated December 2, 1992, with a mandate to organize the "'Art and Antiquities Professions".

February 11, 2009

Christian SORRIANO
President, Drouot COTATION PARIS
Expert in Art and Antiques

Art no longer holds any secrets or mysteries for an old pro like me, copyists, imitators and opportunists are quickly unmasked; self-proclaimed “artists” daubing in images of the sea, flowers, bodies or faces that have no soul, no emotion.

Shunning popular trends and cheap visual effects, Charles Carson reveals the many unique facets of his immense poetic skill in each and every one of his paintings. They offer a breath of life, his life, questioning and delighting the minds and trained eyes of connoisseurs.

Charles Carson has staked his claim to artistic posterity, for today one proclaims “it’s a Carson” in the same manner that one refers to the works of immortal artists like Picasso, Matisse, Warhol or Basquiat.

DROUOT COTATION - 18, rue Drouot - 75 009 Paris